Content Creation

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Let’s Talk About Your Business Growth for 2015!

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The fuel of Successful Content Marketing is Content Asset Development through structured storytelling with the focus to attract, convert, and engage your target audience.

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 “Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” ~ Lee Odden

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If you accurately apply this structured storytelling as its heart, content marketing will help you earn familiarity, build trust and most importantly, build relationships – and once your buyers Know, Like & Trust you, you can grow them ten-fold. This is the power of well planned content.

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Strategize – Plan – Take Action. Align your content with your marketing goals and successfully convert browser to buyer.

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Set goals, track, analyse – repeat. Identify opportunities and make corrections in line with your Content Strategy to ensure optimal success.

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Update your existing website or create your new professional, fully responsive, WordPress brand portal to boost engagement, attract new customers and WOW your audience.

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Good content earns respect. Content asset development through structured storytelling attracts, engages and converts your audience.

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Get the edge over your competitors. Monitor conversations, schedule content and measure & track engagement with cutting-edge Social Media Software.

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Get found in relevant searches. Our effective SEO packages include planning, keyword research, link building, SEO error detection, optimization of website content and custom requirements.

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The aim of great content is to add value. Effectively get your content in front of the right people, at the right time.

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Harness the power of direct marketing with MMS & SMS, together with a mobile-friendly website and campaign designs for optimal ROI.

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We cater for all your text and display Ad requirement for Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. Now that’s service!

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eMarketing Solutions can help you plan, manage and deliver your Content Strategy with optimal efficiency.