The 100 most influential news media Twitter accounts

Undoubtedly, the nature of news is changing with the advent and immense popularity of social media. Media is painfully aware it needs to be involved with the new social order to keep audiences engaged.

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, provide people with additional channels to not only get news about the world, but to involve their community and immediate sphere of influence. So social media enhances mainstream news by taking it to additional channels, but also fills a gap that mainstream news outlets are unable to fill.

Daniel Romero, a Ph.D Candidate at Cornell University in the Center for Applied Mathematics, asks the question: Are news operations as influential in social media as they are in mainstream media? Are they as influential as they are assumed to be in the offline world? Who are the most influential ones? … read more The 100 most influential news media Twitter accounts | memeburn.

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