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Facebook… the new Pinterest?

Everyone with an interest in Social Media is abuzz following the announcement on Monday, that Facebook began testing a new feature called ‘Collections’, which allows marketers to add ‘Want’ or ‘Collect’ buttons to news feed posts about products. Facebook has stated that the new feature is unrelated to Pinterest, but we can’t help but notice the similarity… you be the judge?

Let’s face it, whether you’re a social strategist or not, our main effort with most of our communication type content is focussed in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, as is the case with most businesses’ content efforts to date. The convenience of having your Blog and Twitter feed simply streaming through your Linkedin company page, thereby automatically populating this platform with content, has left very little need for us to direct much attention to this professional network (with the exception of managing a Linkedin Group of course).

I've found this review on Xobni and thought it to be well worth sharing. I most certainly share the sentiments of the author - what an amazing Outlook tool. With any information needed visible at a glance, it makes my email endeavours so much more...

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The new look launched last night will be rolling out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, tweetlings can toggle between the new and old look Twitter page while acclimatising to all the cool new features. watch video Meet the new

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Parenthood has always necessitated two extra sets of arms and that deft ability to juggle three balls whilst bouncing four more whilst having a moment free to monitor your families’ online activity. Aol is here to help with the balancing act with the launch of Aol SafeSocial – be there to keep your kids safe and monitor their social networking without ‘butting in’ to their social lives.