Linkedin’s Tweets Application set to be Shutdown

It is rumored that Linkedin will be shutting off the Tweets application on 31 January 2012, at which stage the application will be removed from all profiles and from the homepage. Any tweets imported from Twitter into the Linkedin network updates stream will however not be affected by this.

Linkedin is said to be doing this because they wish to provide a simple, efficient experience for members, where they also indicate that hardly anyone is apparently using this feature.

Even though the Tweets module will disappear on this date, your Twitter handle will still be shown on your profile as before. Also, should you have added Twitter to your LinkedIn account, Tweeting using #in will continue to display the Tweets on your profile.

For those who have used this application, it was certainly a useful timesaver in sending out updates. It would be interesting to find out exactly how often members send Status updates from Linkedin, whilst also duplicating this content as a tweet? I know that I do…

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