No more Twitter feed on Linkedin Company Pages

Let’s face it, whether you’re a social strategist or not, our main effort with most of our communication type content is focussed in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, as is the case with most businesses’ content efforts to date. The convenience of having your Blog and Twitter feed simply streaming through your Linkedin company page, thereby automatically populating this platform with content, has left very little need for us to direct much attention to this professional network (with the exception of managing a Linkedin Group of course).

A mere presence on Linkedin appeared to be enough for most organisations, with the majority of content updates appearing effortlessly.

But alas, this is no more…

For those who may not have noticed it yet, please take a minute and go view your Linkedin company page. The ability to automatically link your Twitter feed to appear on your company page was removed roughly two weeks ago, which means that there may not currently be any content visible on your page.

And, even though I will certainly miss the convenience of this feature, this is by no means the end of the world. In fact, Linkedin is now offering us much more to work with, giving a once limited platform ‘a voice of its own’ – so to speak.

Linkedin has launched status updates for companies, just like that which are able to be posted from your individual profile. This means that Administrators of company pages finally have a way to actively engage their followers, share valuable company information and updates, and start relevant conversations all within the public Linkedin stream.

Even though we were already able to follow companies on Linkedin, we were only privy to a limited amount of company information, the likes of personnel changes and job openings mainly. Companies can however now publish messages of up to 500 characters, include links and share various types of media with their followers.

It would appear that this has been a busy month for a number of the leading Social Networks. And in my opinion, certainly a step in the right direction.

Written by Kobus van den Berg
Managing Director
eMarketing Solutions

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