Facebook… the new Pinterest?

Everyone with an interest in Social Media is abuzz following the announcement on Monday, that Facebook began testing a new feature called ‘Collections’, which allows marketers to add ‘Want’ or ‘Collect’ buttons to news feed posts about products. Facebook has stated that the new feature is unrelated to Pinterest, but we can’t help but notice the similarity… you be the judge?

Twitter Gets New Head(er)

Twitter rolled out Header Photos on Tuesday, launching their NEW Profile page design…

Starting this week you can make your presence on Twitter more meaningful with new Twitter profiles. Upload an all-new Header Photo (similar to Facebook’s Cover Photo) on twitter.com, and on mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. The same image will appear whenever anyone views your profile on the web or these apps. Your new header photo will appear above your Tweets, expressing yourself instantly, anywhere.

Feeling a bit left out of the conversation? With so many abbreviations & acronyms used on Twitter, it’s no wonder we struggle to understand what our friends and followers are sometimes saying – but with being limited to 140 characters, one has to learn to be more creative in tweeversation… 🙂