How to Build Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content Marketing Campaign Recipe

Content Marketing Campaigns – A Simple Recipe for Success

Creating a content campaign that will drive successful results can be a daunting task.

Where do I start? What types of content should I include? How do I ensure that my content supports and complements one another?

These are all necessary questions which you will need to answer in order to produce your ground-breaking Intelligent Content Marketing campaign.

Look at it like this: if content marketing was a recipe, then you would need ingredients to successfully create your yummy treat, right? So what are the main ingredients or content assets that you will need in order to create a successful content marketing campaign?

To simplify things, let’s break these up into two main ‘ingredient’ categories – Premium Content Assets and Supporting Content Assets.

Premium Content Assets

A Premium Content Asset (also referred to as your hook or offer) can take on many different forms, depending on your unique ability to create the required content, as well as the availability of existing content assets within your organisation.

Here are a few popular types of Premium Content:

  • eBook or Guide
  • Template or Cheat Sheet
  • Success Kit (multiple offers packaged together)
  • Webinar
  • Video
  • Infographic
  • Case Study

NB! You should always construct your premium content piece around a selected topic relevant to your target audience, where the aim is to address a specific concern or problem that your buyers are personally faced with.

PRO tip: Always strive to align your content to your buyer’s everyday lives.

Supporting Content Assets

Supporting Content Assets are exactly what the name suggests – content which supports your Premium Content Asset.

For a successful content campaign, you will need to ensure that you include the following key supporting content pieces in your recipe:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Website CTA
  • Kick-off email
  • Nurturing email sequence
  • Landing Page & Download Form

Great, now you know which ingredients you’ll need, but how exactly do you bake your yummy treat?

By following a tried-and-tested 3 step process aimed at driving your content marketing success…

Content Marketing Success – 3 Step ‘Baking Process’
STEP 1Content Marketing Recipe/3
  • Add your Premium Content Asset (eBook) to your website.
  • Send a Kick-off Email to your customers to promote your eBook.
  • Direct people to a Landing Page where they can download the eBook.

PRO tip: Be sure to optimize your Premium Content Asset for top results.

Useful checklist…

  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Identification
  • Optimise Heading & Sub-headings
  • Provide Meta-Description (tags)
  • Source content relevant images
  • Professional Copywrite & Design of eBook


STEP 2/3
  • Add Nurturing Email Campaigns over several weeks with planned content offers that speak to the buyer at every stage throughout their buyer journey (i.e. from Awareness and Consideration through to Decision).
  • Remember to include a CTA with an opportunity for conversion at every stage in the Nurturing Campaign. This CTA will lead to a conversion form (e.g. offering a Free Trial or Free Assessment at the Decision stage).Content Marketing Recipe

PRO tip: Ensure you have all these elements in place before launching your campaign.

Useful checklist…

  • Create email template
  • Create Landing Page Template & Capture Forms
  • Build Nurturing workflow (drip emails)
  • Segment & Assign Contact List
  • Automate process within Content Marketing Software 

STEP 3/3

Make use of Demand Generation tactics to attract people to your Premium Content Asset (offer or hook).

For this you will use:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Website CTA
  • PPC
  • SEO

It is recommended that you derive at least 4 (four) new Blog posts from each eBook; create 4 (four) Social Media snippets from each blog post; and add a strong Website CTA with a link to your conversion page.

PRO tip: Ensure that you have optimized your Supporting Content Assets for the best results.

Useful checklist…Content Marketing Recipe

For each Blog Post:

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Title Identification
  • Optimise Heading & Sub-heading
  • Provide Meta-Description (tags)
  • Source Image for Blog Post (possibly from eBook)
  • Interlink related content pieces (include links to your other relevant blog posts)

For each Social Media Post:

  • Use Keywords, Hashtags & Optimise Post length
  • Include a Link to the relevant Blog Post
  • Include Image from Blog Post

And VOILA! There you have it. Now that you know which vital ingredients to include in your recipe and how to string them together (and optimise for best results), I trust that you will have great fun creating your own ground-breaking Content Marketing Campaigns.

Finally, always bear in mind – when developing your campaign, the key is to understand and appreciate the true purpose of content marketing.

» Remember we would love to see your completed content marketing campaigns, so be sure to share them with us!

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