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Twitter Gets New Head(er)

Twitter rolled out Header Photos on Tuesday, launching their NEW Profile page design…

Starting this week you can make your presence on Twitter more meaningful with new Twitter profiles. Upload an all-new Header Photo (similar to Facebook’s Cover Photo) on, and on mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. The same image will appear whenever anyone views your profile on the web or these apps. Your new header photo will appear above your Tweets, expressing yourself instantly, anywhere.

Feeling a bit left out of the conversation? With so many abbreviations & acronyms used on Twitter, it’s no wonder we struggle to understand what our friends and followers are sometimes saying – but with being limited to 140 characters, one has to learn to be more creative in tweeversation… 🙂

Let’s face it, whether you’re a social strategist or not, our main effort with most of our communication type content is focussed in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, as is the case with most businesses’ content efforts to date. The convenience of having your Blog and Twitter feed simply streaming through your Linkedin company page, thereby automatically populating this platform with content, has left very little need for us to direct much attention to this professional network (with the exception of managing a Linkedin Group of course).

From Ashton to Britney and now to the Lady Gaga herself, the twitter hall of fame is a fickle yet somehow predictable dame. Fickle in that the number of tweets tweeted has no direct correlation to Top Twitterers hall of fame status, and predictable in that the number of tweets tweeted has no direct correlation to Top Twitterers hall of fame status.

The new look launched last night will be rolling out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, tweetlings can toggle between the new and old look Twitter page while acclimatising to all the cool new features. watch video Meet the new

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