Being ‘right’ – all the time…

A specialist has joined the ranks of South Africa’s top marketing solutions providers.

“Emarketing trends have seen a soaring acceptance in recognition over the past decade,” says eMarketing Solutions CEO, Kobus van den Berg. “…owing largely to the ever expanding reach of the web and its escalating popularity as a marketing platform.”

Now you have undoubtedly heard this before as many claim to be an authority on the subject when it comes to electronic or web based marketing but what sets eMarketing Solutions apart from the other players in this fast paced, ever-changing industry, is the remarkable bank of experience and insight with which its top nachos play the game – they play to win.

With an accumulated experience of more than 15 years of successful consulting within this complex arena, eMarketing Solutions have perfected the ‘win-win’ as Kobus calls it, by complementing their industry proficiency with an extensive media network of mutually beneficial relationships, “resulting in maximum visibility, searchability and exposure.”

eMS possess not only the ability to identify and supply the best suited, individually tailored web and mobile platforms but also the encompassing expertise on how these various platforms successfully combine to provide a fully-fledged electronic marketing solution.

On this new era playing field, marketers and businesses alike are tasked to be more prudent on where they spend, and the success of these efforts are measured closely with a stipulated ROI.

With so many emarketing options available out there, it has become essential to consult a specialist on these issues and to entrust such decision-making to them.

Hence the CEO’s final words on the subject, “In this competitive market, being on the right platform, with the right strategy, at the right time – is all she wrote.”


About eMarketing Solutions

With technology advancing on a daily basis, so too have the trends surrounding marketing, with organizations today looking to new platforms and new media to gain the visibility needed to keep their brands top of mind, and ensure their message continues to reach the correct target markets.

The eMarketing Solutions group have perfected this rare skill set, with an accumulated experience spanning one and a half decades spent successfully consulting within this complex arena.

We provide completely measurable, fully-fledged electronic marketing solutions across all market sectors, working with SME’s and Corporates alike, whilst tailoring to suit each organization’s specific needs.

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