‘Man in box’ brilliant marketing – Made in China

SHANGHAI, CHINA: Guang Yin Yoga is a small yoga club in Shanghai. Chinese people still have quite low awareness of yoga, and for four years, the club hasn’t been successful, with only few club members. So management thought out of the box…Shanghai Hotidea Advertising needed to raise Guangyin Yoga’s brand awareness overnight and enroll 300 new members with only a small budget.

The solution was simple – place the yoga master inside a box, in the centre of Shanghai’s busiest area, the Central Business Centre. The small wooden box was branded with the Guang Yin insignia and every time someone passed by, a hand would reach out with the Guang Yin Yoga business card.

As a result of this 15 day campaign, over 35 000 key consumers were targeted, it garnered 319 163 web video clicks, and more than US$138 000 (about R980 000) of free media coverage. After the campaign, over 2000 people visited the club within a month, and 622 of them became new members. This was 107% more than expected, at a total campaign cost of only US$74 (about R525). see idea in action…


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