Social Media… simplified

For quite some time Social Media was broadly viewed as kids playing around on the internet. This perception has suddenly, and drastically, changed almost overnight, with businesses realizing that they too can harness the power of this New Media channel.

As the world of marketing keeps evolving around us, the need for interactive two-way communication between the customer and the brand has become predominantly visible. Phrases such as – “you don’t need to look for information anymore, the relevant information will find you” – has in essence become a reality with the targeted capabilities of elements such as Social Media.

Here is a helpful guideline for businesses to consider when getting involved with Social Media which may save you unnecessary frustration and spent energy.

There are literally hundreds of Social Media platforms available today. So how do you select the areas that will provide your business with the best value?

Let’s simplify. Ever hear of the BIG 6?

Each of the 6 channels shown above hold a critical mass of users and have proved to be the most effective in reaching users, creating and sharing activity, and engaging – all the measurements needed for a successful social strategy.

The various platforms listed below each of the 6 channels are recognized as being the current leaders in Social.

You will of course still need to match the channels that best fit your business model and content, with the areas where your business is being mentioned and where your target audience is found.

This should however provide the needed aid for starting out on the right track, which will surely increase the chances for your business to reach its sought after ‘destination’ in Social.

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